Oil Change, How Often
Should The Oil Be Changed?

The popular idea of getting an oil change every 3 – 4 thousand miles may be true for some cars, but is it true for yours, too?

new oil being poured in after oil change

With the advancement of technology and production of cars these days, it comes as no surprise that the cars of today need different care treatment. Especially with hybrid cars, engines are now running more efficiently so wear and tear doesn't occur as often as older models.

The type weight and type of oil used in an oil change is also a factor. There are many grades of oil and different cars and driving conditions require different grades of oil. Today there are regular oil, synthetic oil or even blends of the two.

Using synthetic oil in your oil change may give you more miles between changes and better protection with less friction. Also you will get slightly better mileage due to less internal friction in the engine.

But as it is with caring for your automobile, we always suggest practicing caution because there is no such thing as too much upkeep. It is very important to obviously save money, but it's also important to have a good working car, because we all know how expensive a broken – down car on the highway could be.

For the definitive answer as to what's best for your car, consult your car's owner's manual or give us a call today.

There used to be a commercial on TV about oil & filters where the announcer said "You can pay me now, or later"

He was stating that it is much cheaper to pay for an oil change than wait until the engine seizes and needs to be replaced. $50 or so for an oil change is much cheaper than several thousand dollars for a new motor.

You have a big investment in your car so don't forget to due the regular maintenance to keep it running in top condition.​