Check Engine Light, What Does It Mean?

check engine light

We all know that the check engine light can be annoying but what does it really mean. You may think that you really don’t want to have the check engine light diagnosed because it might be expensive to fix. After all the engine seems to be running just fine. Don’t wait have it checked as soon as possible

Lets look at the major things it usually means.

  1. It might be something as simple as the gas cap being loose or faulty. First just make sure it is on correctly and tight. Cheap to replace under $10
  2. That an oxygen sensor(s) needs to be replaced. You may have more than one.
  3. A problem with the catalytic convertor. These normally don’t go bad but can cost over $1,000 to replace.
  4. The mass airflow sensor. Checks the airflow coming into the engine. It might only take replacing the air filter. The air filter should be replaced at least once per year and more often if you drive a lot or in dusty conditions.
  5. The spark plugs and or wires need to be replaced. The plugs in newer cars should be replaced between every 60,000-100,000 every miles.

There are numerous other things the check engine light can mean. Most important is to take your car to a reputable local shop and have them plug your car into the computer to find out exactly what the problem is. That way at least you know what the problem is because if you wait it could lead to additional problems.

If you bring it to us at Skeeters Auto Repair we will give you a FREE diagnosis.